Greg Sudmeier is an Atlanta-based conductor, composer, award-winning musician and educator with over 30 years of professional music production expertise in film, albums, television, radio and stage.

Arranger & Composer

Greg has extensive experience writing and producing for radio and television themes, symphonic scores, big bands, pop albums, as well as original music for corporate and industrial projects. One of his radio commercial pieces won the prestigious CLIO advertising award for Best Musical Adaptation.

Recording Music Director

Greg has been a Music Director for classical symphonies, choral programs, theaters, and TV shows. He founded, contracted, and conducted the Skywalker Symphony at Lucasfilm, a premiere recording orchestra for many feature films and major albums.

Orchestra Contractor

Greg has been a trusted Music Contractor for all the major film and album companies. He is well versed in all styles of music and he understands the many details necessary to lead successful major recording sessions of all sizes.


Greg has been an effective music educator at all age levels. Whether serving for 40 years as Director of Percussion at LaHonda Music Camp, CA, holding an honored staff position in the Music Dept. at Notre Dame de Namur University, or teaching many students privately through the years, Greg knows how to encourage students and help them reach their highest potential.

Orchestra Conductor

Greg has toured with and conducted orchestras all over the country, conducting Masterworks, Broadway book shows, his own arrangements and original pieces, even stepping in last minute to save theater productions and concerts. He's known for having one of the clearest batons in the business for both Choral and Instrumental ensembles and is the Resident Music Director for the Diablo Ballet in Walnut Creek, California.

Drums & Percussion

When Greg is not composing and producing for a wide variety of other productions, Greg loves playing drums and percussion. He was the Music Director and Drummer for “The Afternoon Show” on KPIX-TV in San Francisco. He also teaches professional drummers who travel with artists such as Sheryl Crow, Counting Crows, Dixie Chicks, Eric Clapton or on Broadway and theater in New York.